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The Boston Muon Consortium is a loose-knit group of institutions in the Northeast US, all working on the ATLAS Muon Spectrometer. 

The information presented on this page is for the internal use by collaborators, and does not necessarily represent the views of the ATLAS collaboration.

MDT Electronics Workshop at Harvard
Items for Discussion
updated 10 July 2001 -
MDT Chamber Construction and Simulation MDT Readout Electronics
     Readout Overview  (General)  (Detailed)
   BMC Chamber Construction    ASD Chips   CSM Adapters
   BMC Engineering     Hedgehog Boards   Mezzanine Boards
   Mod-0 Inventory   Rad Testing
   Photos of Prototypes 
   MDT Services    MDT Faraday Cage 
Cost Estimates, Schedules, Reviews Reference Information
   Brandeis Site for current WBS costing    Slides and Papers relevant to MDT readout
   Monthly Reporting (requires login)      CERN - ATLAS - Muons - MDTs
   Review Documents    ATLAS Notes CDD   
      FE Electronics - RD49 - RadH Elx
Other Links Outside the BMC Educational Links
   The ATLAS Muon Ageing Test Stand The BU ATLAS Education Page
   The Drift Gases R&D Page LBL ATLAS Education Page
   The NIKHEF/ATLAS Page CERN Public Education Page
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