CSM Adapter Rev D/E

Updated 22 Jan 2002 - hazen@bu.edu
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This page contains documentation on the 18-channel CSM adapter Rev D and E. Rev E reflects only minor updates to the PCB layout. Installation and operation are identical.


Common files to all revisions  
ATLAS_CSM_Adapter.pdf User's Manual
schematic.pdf PCB Schematic
fp_dwg.zip Front panel photo and drawings
csm_chip_fpga.zip Altera Max+II Files for FPGA
CSM_CHIP.pdf FPGA Schematic
Rev E Specifc Files  
CSM-E.zip Gerber PCB layout files
RevE_assy2.pdf Assembly documentation
pastemask.zip Paste Mask gerber files
CSM_E.MAX OrCAD Layout file
Rev D Specific files  
COMPS.pdf Component list and placement


Revision Features Shipped to Date
Revision 0 Bare aluminum front panel
no ground binding posts on front panel
CERN (Stephanie)
Boston (Harvard)
Revision 1 Bare aluminum front panel
3 ground binding posts on front panel
Revision 2 Black Anodized front panel
3 ground binding posts on front panel
RJ-45 shield grounds Disconnected
CERN: H8 Test Beam 21 August 2001