On-Chamber CSM Adapter

Revised 28 July 2003 by hazen@bu.edu.

This page documents the "on-chamber" CSM adapter, which is designed to mount on the crossplate of an MDT chamber. It provides an interface between up to 18 Octal type mezzanine boards and a CSM-0 VME module.

There are two PC boards: the passive motherboard (from Michigan) and the mezzanine board (described here). Here are some slides describing this adapter.

PC Board Changes required for correct operation:
  1. Remove RESET Pin (follow link for details...)
  2. JTAG Clock Termination (follow link for details...)

Preliminary JTAG firmware  
  csm_jtag_01.zip Preliminary JTAG firmware
    Note: JTAG Clock Terminator modification should be done before using this (or any) firmware.
  JTAG Documentation  
PCB Rev D New revision 5/02
  assembly.pdf Assembly drawings, Bill of materials
  parts_list.xls Bill of Materials (Excel format)
  mezz_adapt_D.zip Gerber PCB data (includes solder paste masks)
  schem_4a.pdf Schematic
  orcad.zip OrCAD Schematic and Layout data
Altera CPLD code Rev 1.2 Mar 2003 Release Notes
Altera CPLD code Rev 1.0 Oct 2002
PCB Rev A (never worked due to PCB errors)
PCB Bill of Materials
  gerber.zip PCB Gerber Files (includes paste-masks)
  schem.pdf PCB Schematics
  ONCH.DSN OrCAD Schematic