Release Notes for V1.2

This version of the mini-adpater firmware is designed to fix intermittent JTAG errors which may have been dependent on the number of mezzanine cards connected.

The previous version (V1.0) sensitive to the following problem-- the AMT TDC would place it's TDO signal in a high-impedance state whenever the JTAG state machine was not in the shift_IR or shift_DR state per the JTAG standard. The adapter did not implement this feature and would continue to buffer the TDO signal to the next mezzanine card in the chain. If the high-impedance node drifted into the logic transition region, the adapter output would oscillate at a high frequency.


An Altera Byte-Blaster MV programming cable is required. (If you need one and don't want to pay $150 for it, we have designed our own... contact Chris Lawlor if you are interested.)

Additionally, you need at least the free version of the Altera Max Plus II software, which you can download from Altera.

There are 4 identical CPLD devices. You must define a JTAG chain containing these 4 devices for programming. Briefly: