For production testing of ~45k MDT-ASD chips we are building an automated production tester. This page contains working documentation for this project.

PCB Check Data 2/15/02   FINAL Layout/Schematic 2/6/02   Layout/schematic for checking 1/25/02   Design for checking after routing complete
PCB Design Documentation   C. Posch Gerber files for socket carrier board
Layout_Details_W95.pdf 12/20/01 E. Hazen Layout Notes (from meeting)
BlockDiagram.pdf   J. Oliver Overall block diagram 12/17/01 E. Hazen PCB schematic
New version from Matt for checking 12/4/01 E. Hazen PCB schematic (original)
Mods: Add bypass caps to power page
    Add terminators to ASD inputs (analog)
18 Nov 2001 E. Hazen PCB layout sketch (prelim.)
place.pdf 12 Jan 2002 E. Hazen Placement Sketch (new)
FG456BGA.pdf 19 Nov 2001 J. Oliver FPGA Footprint diagram
Component Information
5 Nov 2001 E. Hazen Analog section component list
Xilinx_pinout.pdf Xilinx FG456BGA package documentation
xapp157.pdf Board Routability Guidelines with Xilinx Fine-Pitch BGA Packages
MAX4617-MAX4619.pdf High-Speed Low-Voltage CMOS Analog Multiplexor/Switch
MAX6161-MAX6167.pdf Precision, Micropower, Low-Dropout, High-Output-Current, SO-8 Voltage References
MAX1291-MAX1293.pdf 250ksps, +3V, 8-/4-Channel, 12-Bit ADCs with +2.5V Reference and Parallel Interface
AD5343.pdf Parallel Interface Dual Voltage-Output 12-Bit DACs
BSS83.pdf MOSFET N-channel enhancement switching transistor
LM1084.pdf 5A LDO Positive Regulator
cy7c4285v.pdf Low Voltage Deep Sync FIFOs
SN74LVT245B.pdf 3.3V ABT Octal Bus Transceivers
Fuse_holder_smt.pdf SMT Fuse Holder
PE65457.pdf     RF Pulse Transformer
LM2937.pdf Low drop-out regulator
Other Supporting Documents