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Aim of the workshop

Develop a clear concept and basic design ideas for the layout of the following critical items:

MDT R/O side

Interface lines between Faraday cage, Patch Panel, CSM, DCS, FC-internal cabling, external services have to be evaluated, given the difficult access situation for a number of chambers types, the tight limitations of the chamber envelops and the very limited space available inside the Faraday cage. A strategy has to be developed to find engineering solutions for these problems and -if necessary- decide on the compromises to be made.

This is also partly true for the RASNIK/RasMux system, which also must be mounted on or around the chamber.

The recently decided strategy of not accepting the loss of a complete MDT over a large fraction of a year has to be translated into technical priorities and choices. Reliability issues for active components as well as for connectors and cables have to discussed.

MDT HV side

There is no active electronics on the HV side, however, the question, whether we will loose only a tube layer or a full multilayer in the case of a short is very important.

It was decided long ago to have one HV channel per multilayer. There are, however, ideas to use jumpers on the chamber in order to be able to cut off a singe tube layer. Principal problem is, of course, the accessibility of the jumpers and their integration into the HV Farady cage.