Items Under Discussion

This page contains links to design issues which are currently under active discussion.  Please feel free to contact the person mentioned if you have comments.

Hedgehog Prototype Photos

Here are Some Photos of production prototype hedgehog PCBs received from E. Spiriti in early August 2001.

Hedgehog connector placement

See drawing typeiv_dims.pdf. The dimensions in blue are the latest (18 April 2001) hedgehog Type IV. The dimensions in green are the latest prototype Mezzanine (not mezz lite; prototype final design).

Note that there is a cumulative error in the connector placement.
E. HAZEN - 19 APRIL 2001

HV Faraday Cage discussions

from 1-Dec-2000 meeting at Harvard.

CSM Adapter Rev B

CSM Adapter Rev C

(See HERE for all Mezz-Lite documentation.

Chamber End Wiring

Here is my view of a subset of the wiring at the readout end of an MDT. Included are DC power distribution, monitoring, readout and JTAG for front-end control. Not included are T, B sensors or any alignment functions. The purpose of this drawing is to provoke discussion on wiring issues which influence the signal patch panel design, which needs to be settled very soon.

readout_end2.pdf (Wiring Diagram)
patch_panel.pdf (Patch Panel)

Faraday Cage Measurements

See MDT Faraday Cage page

3-Layer Mezzanine Card Drawings

Here is a page with the drawings for the 3-layer (Rev C) mezzanine card.

Chamber Coordinates and Readout/HV End definition

Here are a couple of sketches showing the MDT Local Coordinates and Readout/HV End as I understand it.

Faraday Cage Dimensions - Part IV  (28-Jan-99)

Here is an acrobat file with a title page and six drawings for the four types of endcap and two types of barrel chamber.  The proposed shrinkage of the faraday cage is shown.
F-Cage Plots [PDF]

 29-Nov-1999 - E. Hazen
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