MDT Chamber Faraday Cage  Updated 12 July 1999

This page contains information of a general nature on the "Faraday Cage" shield around the MDT chamber electronics.  Please see the CDD at CERN for links to specific chamber design drawings.

Shielding effectiveness measurements have been performed on the MTD faraday cage.  Measurements were made using a spectrum analyzer and various antenna configurations to quantify (in dB) the shielding effectiveness of faraday cage components. The measurements indicate the importance of adequate sealing of the faraday bottom plate to the MDT end plug surfaces.

Here is a document summarizing the results (soon to be an ATLAS note).    [PDF]   [PS]   (29 June 1999)
Grounding and Shielding documents
"ATLAS Muon Grounding"  [PDF]  [PS]
ATLAS Grounding Policy  [PDF]
General Information on grounding, and shielding in ATLAS and LHC can be found at various places:
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