MDT Material procurement

Readout  hedgehog cards   

Contact person:  E. Hazen
Company:   Circuit Technology, Inc.
Cost:   US$103.27 each (cost from US CMS Estimate to Complete)
Technical specification:   BU PCB Web page
Amount ordered:   600 pc
Delivery schedule:   30 Nov 2000

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Last updated on 21 December 2000.

This information applies only to 3x8 signal hedgehog Type I and Type II boards. We need another page for 4x6 Type III and Type IV boards.

Quan Date Ordered Date Delivered Notes
100 Sept 99 Dec 99 80 passed test
200 Jan 00 May 00 HV discharge problems - (scrap/rework)
300 May 00 Mar 01 New conformal coating procedure

Quan Date Destination Contact
18 8-Sept-2000 Frascati B. Esposito
22 8-Sept-2000 MPI R. Richter