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An Integrated Multi-Channel Readout for ATLAS Monitored Drift Tubes

Eric Hazen, Jim Shank
Boston University

John Huth, John Oliver
Harvard University

Werner Riegler
CERN, Geneva, Switzerland

October 10, 1996


An integrated readout system for the ATLAS Monitored Drift Tubes (MDTs) is presented, based on an eight-channel CMOS amplifier-shaper-discriminator (ASD) chip. Extensive pulse shape studies provide the basis for a multi-channel signal processing architecture, which may extract leading edge, trailing edge, multi-track and ADC information. Key elements have been prototyped in full-custom IC's, and show that the required performance can be obtained with 1.2 CMOS technology. Test results for a pre-amplifier IC, a discriminator IC, and a multi-channel integrated amplifier+discriminator are presented, along with plans for a full-scale integrated ASD.

Eric Hazen
Thu Oct 10 18:19:00 METDST 1996