ATLAS MDT Electronics Photos

Here are some photos of the current prototype hedgehog and mezzanine cards being built in Boston. Click on the photos to zoom in.

Here is the stack with 3x8 signal hedgehog board and prototype mezzanine board.

Signal hedgehog board only.

mvc-011l.jpg mvc-010l.jpg
Close-ups of hedgehog board (top view) showing layout details.

Close-up of hedgehog board on end-plugs. Note that the ground pin nuts and gas jumpers are missing from our model

Top view of prototype mezzanine card.
This differs substantially from the final design and is shown to illustrate size only.

The gold-colored daughtercard holds a prototype ASDLite chip for testing. The module-zero version now under development will have (6) four-channel ASDLite chips (in standard plastic IC packages) and one AMT-0 TDC.

Side view showing the board stack.