Radiation Testing of MDT Front-End Components

Maintained by E. Hazen. Updated 27 March 2008
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Mezz card rad summary • Brief summary with links to backup documents &bull 25 July 2007

"Simulated Radiation Levels and Current Test Status for ATLAS MDT Front-End Electronics" note from April 2003, with detailed, board-by-board analysis of radiation levels.

We must tested all components of the front-end electronics to meet the ATLAS Policy. The radiation levels are specified in the MDT PDR Report of 22 Feb 2001. This page will document the testing of the voltage regulators and LVDS drivers/receivers on the mezzanine PCB. Other active components which are being tested elsewhere include the MDT-ASD chip (Christoph Posch at CERN) and the AMT-2 chip (Yasuo Arai at KEK).


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