MDT Patch Panels

This page provides details of the (evolving) design of the patch panels which provide for the external cabling of the MDT chambers.
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Current Design

Three signal patch panel designs are envisioned to accomodate the various chamber types and mechanical constraints.  These are shown in the sketches below, along with links to some more detaile drawings.

Scheme 1 - BOL, BML, BOS, BMS, BOG, BOH, BMF chambers

In these chambers there are no serious space constraints.  The patch panel is mounted vertically over the gas jumpers.  The cables exit the faraday cages towards the center.  The CSM (chamber service module) is located on the spacer bar.

Here is a detailed PRELIMINARY drawing [PDF]  [DWG].

Scheme 2 - BIL, BIR

Here, the space is constrained, and there is a support beam or other obstruction between the faraday cages.  The patch panels are recessed, with a sheet metal "pocket" for the external connectors.  This is a bricolage solution; other options for low-profile external cabling are being investigated.

Here is a detailed PRELIMINARY drawing [PDF]  [DWG].

Scheme 3 - All Endcap Chambers

The gas bar is smaller and on the "wrong" side of the tube array in the endcap chambers.  There is not enough space for a vertical patch panel, so we plan a horizontal one mounted on a bracket under the lid of the faraday cage.

Detailed drawing not ready yet!

Other Cases

There are a few other special cases which will require special treatment.
The BIS chambers have a single faraday cage, but can use the same panel as the BOL, etc.
The BEE chambers require a custom solution yet to be designed.