MDT Electronics PDR - 22 Feb 2001

Here are (some) documents for the MDT electronics PDR at CERN. Stuff will be added/changed here continuously until the revew, no doubt!

Updated 16 Feb 2001 -

Here is the agenda.

Hre is the OFFICIAL Web Site where all documentation will eventually be delivered.

BMC Presentations
Overview and Schedule George Brandenburg 7-Feb pdr_gwb.pdf
System Overview John Oliver 12-Feb overview_jo2.pdf
Electronics Test Results Joao Guimaraes 11-Feb chamberTestsPDR2.pdf or Testing Page
ASD Chip Design Christoph Posch 15-Feb ASD00A_PDRpres3.pdf
Mezzanine PCB, Elx Architecture, Faraday Cage Eric Hazen 12-Feb hazen_pdr_slides.pdf
Signal Hedgehog PCBs Eric Hazen 14-Feb hazen_hh_slides.pdf
Other Presentations
Chamber Service Module J. Chapman 9-Feb jwc_PDR_muon.pdf
HV System Agostino Lanza hv_elx_pdr.pdf (local copy) Server
AMT TDC Yasuo Arai 9-Feb TDC_PDR_slide.pdf

Supporting Documentation
ASD Chip Design Report Document ASD_PDRdoc3.pdf
Mezzanine PCB 3x8 Report Document
  Schematics mezzJ_sch.pdf
  PCB Layers mezzJ_gerbers.pdf
Mezzanine PCB 4x6 (Harvard) Schematics mezz1.1_sch.pdf
  PCB Layers mezz1.1_gerber.pdf
AMT TDC Report Document TDC_PDR_7Feb.pdf
Faraday Cage (Endcap Chambers) Assembly Drawing
  BMC HEPL Engineering Web Site
  Faraday Cage Test Report jo_faraday_rep.pdf