E.Hazen Slides on faraday cage, PC boards, cabling

All slides in one file: hazen.pdf (16Mb)
(missing a few latest changes on 9/30/00)

Mezz Boards, Cabling, Faraday Cage (general)
mezz_evo.pdf mezz_evo.pdf Evolution of Mezzanine PCB Design
mezz_lite_schedule.pdf mezz_lite_schedule.pdf Mezz Lite Schedule/Status
ext_cables.pdf ext_cables.pdf External Cable Proposal
JO1.pdf JO1.pdf Noise Coupling (J.Oliver)
Module 0
JO2.pdf JO2.pdf Shield Plane in F-Cage
mezz_conn_mod0_ec.pdf mezz_conn_mod0_ec.pdf Mod 0 Endcap Faraday Cage with Shield and connector
endcap_mod0_exp.pdf endcap_mod0_exp.pdf Mod 0 Endcap Faraday Cage Exploded
endcap_shield.pdf endcap_shield.pdf Mod 0 Endcap Faraday Cage Shield Plate
HH_MEZZG.pdf HH_MEZZG.pdf Rev G (3x8) Mezzanine Lite Board Dimensions
HH_MEZZH.pdf HH_MEZZH.pdf Rev H (3x8) Mezzanine Lite Board Dimensions
csm_adapter.pdf csm_adapter.pdf CSM Adapter Board
mod0_cables.pdf mod0_cables.pdf 36-Pin Cables
Production Proposals
fig_cprime.pdf fig_cprime.pdf "2 Box" Shielding Concept
new_fcage.pdf new_fcage.pdf Endcap F-Cage for Production - Proposed
new_fcage2.pdf new_fcage2.pdf Endcap F-Cage for Production - Proposed
barrel_prod_1.pdf barrel_prod_1.pdf Barrel F-Cage for Production - Ideas
mezz_conn_prod.pdf mezz_conn_prod.pdf 36 Pin Connector Details
prod_cables.pdf prod_cables.pdf Production 36-pin Cables
ship_box.pdf ship_box.pdf Hedgehog PCB Shipping Box