Draft Slides for 1998 Boston University DOE Site Visit

Presentation Outline [GIF] [PS]

Current Tasks (list)

Readout Overview

Specifications [GIF]  [PS]

ASD Functions  [GIF]  [PS]

Overall Diagram [GIF] [PS]

Chamber End Wiring [GIF] [PS]

Mechanical Issues and PC Board Designs

Angled Chamber End Drawing [GIF] [PS]

Photo of Mock-Up [JPG]

Faraday Cage and PC Boards  [GIF]  [PS]

Mezzanine Card Design  (layout drawing)

Development Status

Test Electronics - 10k Channels  [GIF]  [PS]

Production Electronics  [GIF]  [PS]

ASD Development  [GIF]  [PS]

Summary and Plans