Signal Hedgehog Test Setup

Maintained by E. Hazen. Updated 15 Nov 2001.
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We have built a prototype leakage current test setup for signal hedgehog boards, which can test (8) 3x8 hedgehog boards simultaneously. Here is a slide [hh_testing.pdf] showing the setup. The setup includes a programmable HV supply, a programmble HV switch and an electrometer. Leakage current is measured periodically for each board over a period of 8 hours.

This setup uses the following equipment:

Here is a BLOCK DIAGRAM of the setup.

Here are some photos of the test board which holds the hedgehog during testing.

hh_on_test.jpg Hedgehog mounted on test board
hh_on_detail.jpg Hedgehog mounted on test board. Twisted pairs provide a ground connection via the header connectors on the hedgehog.
overview.jpg Hedgehog and test board overview
pins.jpg Custom machined test pins.
tester_detail.jpg Detail of test board